Boggy Draw Rx Burn Tour

On June 8th, 2019, a group of four participants representing Wildfire Adapted Partnership and the Dolores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative (DWRF) attended a tour of prescribed burn operations in the Boggy Draw area northeast of Dolores in the San Juan National Forest. This opportunity was graciously offered by the USFS’s Dolores Ranger District and was led by Public information Officer Jessie Borden of Cortez FPD. Participants got a firsthand look at the what, why and how of a USFS prescribed burn operation. The group attended morning briefing at the Boggy Draw trailhead where 51 Forest Service personnel from both local and nationwide units convened to receive daily burn strategy and assignments. Afterwards, the group received in-depth presentations on smoke science/monitoring and the Dolores Ranger District’s Fuels Program. From this point the four participants geared up in nomex PPE, affixed fire shelters to their packs and set off into the burn zone, guided by USFS professionals. The hiking tour lasted for about 2.5 hours and the group witnessed Rx burn fire behavior in a Ponderosa ecosystem. Along the way a great conversation about Rx burn developed and ideas were exchanged across the partnership of DWRF, WAP and the USFS. Overall, it was an extremely successful day; the tour exceeded educational expectations and the USFS completed burn operations a day early with 1,434 acres treated. Wildfire Adapted Partnership would like to extend many thanks to all participants, including DWRF and the Dolores Ranger District for making this opportunity possible.