Letter from our Board of Directors

July 15, 2018

Dear Friends of FireWise of Southwest Colorado: In early May, the National Fire Prevention Association advised us of new plans their Board had established for branding Firewise USA®. They are requiring us to use the following disclaimer on all publications and electronic sites: Firewise® is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc. (NFPA). More information from NFPA is available at www.nfpa.org/firewise. is solely responsible for developing these materials. NFPA does not endorse, approve,

sponsor or review these materials and therefore disclaims liability for any personal injury, property or other damages of any nature whatsoever in connection with any use of or reliance on these materials or their content. Only two organizations in the US use Firewise in their name and the name Firewise is now a registered Trademark of NFPA. While their administration said we could use FireWise with the full disclaimer, they also noted that they may remove their permission to use it in the future. Due to this uncertainty, the FireWise Board decided to keep our new logo and change our name. This is especially timely as we have applied for our own IRS Nonprofit Status and are redesigning our website and updating other materials. We were pleased to have dozens of possible new names proposed by our FireWise Ambassadors, staff, and Board members. A committee of Board and staff met to consider the suggestions with the goal of making a recommendation to the Board. Our criteria were that it is two to three words and easy to say; that it doesn’t limit us to a geographic region since we are collaborating across borders; that it is not a Trademark or Tradename; that the URL including it is available; and that it clearly describes our mission. Independently we selected our top five names and then considered the choices that matched. All had selected “Wildfire Adapted” with a variety of nouns to follow. In a combined meeting with staff and the Board, consensus was to use “Partnership” as an accessible reference to our many partners. Thus we have become the Wildfire Adapted Partnership, using our current logo. We have not added the name to the logo as we are still considering the tag line. Please share this name change with your communities, partners, and collaborators. Again, thank you to those who participated in coming up with the new name that will carry us forward with a clear mission and a reflection of our collaborative nature. Sincerely, The Wildfire Adapted Partnership Board of Directors

Wildfire Adapted Partnership