Our Mission

Wildfire Adapted Partnership (WAP) inspires, educates and enables individuals and communities to protect lives and property from wildfire. 

One of the most common buzz words today is wildland-urban interface or WUI. The WUI is the area where homes and other infrastructure meet undeveloped lands. As more homes are built in this area, it makes it more difficult for land management agencies to allow fire to play its natural role in removing needles, cones, and other material from the forest floor. It also makes fighting wildfires more difficult and expensive.

Becoming wildfire adapted doesn’t mean you have to remove all of your trees or do a major remodel of your home. It should be viewed as a part of everyday life.

Being a resident of the WUI has many benefits as well as risks. Those that live in or near a wildland environment have a higher associated risk and personal responsibility for the safety of their families as well as their property, pets, and livestock. Understanding the wildland environment you are a part of is a large part of being wildfire adapted. Let Wildfire Adapted Partnership help you become part of a growing wildfire adapted culture!



1.) Network and share with other Wildfire Adapted-minded individuals
2.) Gain access to fire education resources and materials
3.) Understand the role of fire in southwest Colorado forests
4.) Become a nationally recognized Firewise USA® Community
5.) May keep your home insured and make it easier to sell

And more...